MiSTer Analog I/O Board V6.1

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The Analog I/O boards offer extended functionality for the DE10-Nano which MiSTer can make use of.

The board mounts on top of the DE10-Nano PCB via one of the two GPIO connectors on the DE10. Having this board is recommended as the included fan provides additional cooling to the DE10, but other benefits include:

  • 3 dedicated user buttons and LEDs. These can be used to toggle the OSD or perform a reset of MiSTer.
  • VGA connector providing a 15khz or 31khz signal with VGA/RGB/YPbPr output (support is core-dependent)
  • 3.5mm TOSLink audio jack
  • Additional MicroSD Card Slot
  • Additional USB port which can be used to drive a SNAC board to support native controller input for certain console gamepads

We've tested a variety of fans with our I/O board for noise and the one provided was deemed to be the most quiet. The board is pictured here plugged in to a DE10 Nano - The DE10 is not included in the sale.

These boards are professionally constructed and tested. We only use high quality components to ensure a stable product:
  • All boards and their ports are tested twice on 2 separate DE10-Nano boards.
  • All boards are professionally cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • All boards are packed and in high quality anti-static bags and a box to ensure protection during transit.